Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My love to the people of Samoa

Some years ago I had the privilege of holidaying in Western Samoa. It was by far the friendliest place I have ever visited. I attended a church service one Sunday morning and was touched by the beauty of the singing and the open-heartedness of the people. I was instantly befriended by a young woman, taken to her father's home, bought food, and welcomed with open arms in her village. A few days later, this same young woman took me to a waterfall, where we slid down the rocks together into the pool below. Her smile was as wide as the sky.
My prayers, thoughts and love go out to this young woman and her family and all the Samoan people there who have been affected by the Tsunami today. I hope their amazing sense of faith and spirit, and their abundant love gives them much strength. And may their enormous generosity be returned to them now in their time of need.


  1. Oh lovely words. It is such a tragic event, so much sadness.
    Thank you xxx

  2. It's hard to grasp the emotional and physical toll of tragedies when one has not been through something like this oneself. We are so blessed and have so much to be thankful and grateful for. I hope also, that they can find the strength to rebuild their lives, along with our help through whatever means we are able to give.


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