Sunday, September 13, 2009

Farm Girls

The coming of Spring for us always features a visit to Bundoora farm, and feeding time for the lambs and kids.

While the girls galloped around freely like two Spring fillies, I soaked up the warm sun on my back with a good light hearted (and long overdue) read with the No 1 Ladies Detective Agency. This little hen decided to join me. The joys of Spring!


  1. Lou, my 2 year old loved the picture of the chook in the basket...:)

  2. Oh i love spring so much too. The pic with your pretty hen is too sweet, love it. Happy days to you and your

  3. I have a friend who runs a Waldorf store. I'm going to suggest she start a store blog.

  4. Look at those lambs! One of my favorite spring activities is to attend the sheep shearing at a local farm and see the spring lambs. They are just adorable!

  5. HI Melissa
    Can you drop me an email with your address so I can post your little september surprise!
    See you soon!

  6. just found your blog - looks great. Steiner is inspiring hey...

  7. Oh what a sweet place to spend a spring day...and that chicken...oh my!!

  8. Hey Melissa,
    It was great to catch up on all you posts!
    Elizabeth Bennett! Love it!
    You have inspired me yto go to socereign Hill, also something have bee meaning to do for ages.
    I haven't quite got back to my blogging, but it's always good to check out yours!!
    Isn't No. 1 ladies good fun!
    xxTake care

  9. Wow...terrific blog! I'm going to start following it. :) --Jennifer


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