Sunday, September 06, 2009

My Dad

Happy Father's Day to my Dad...the best Dad a girl could have; my Dad taught me:

to catch a fish and skin a rabbit

build and fly a kite

paint a fence

not to take life too seriously

stay young

drive a car

burn the toast

build a campfire

put up a tent


play practical jokes

plant vegetables

build the world's biggest sandcastles

boogy board

sing "10 Green Bottles"

be there for your children

polish my shoes

skin an apple

tie my laces

the art of storytelling


to rollerskate

not to pull faces when the wind was changing

to save money

to lift my face to the sun

to see the wide, wide world

to waltz

to prune a rose


to work hard

a sense of fun

to enjoy life to the fullest

and my Dad taught me, to love...


  1. Oh that is so lovely, what a special man. And how lucky to have you who loves him so much. I am very

  2. Because no one else could fill all those points. Fathers day was a more meaningful one this year. Maybe its just me getting older?


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