Monday, April 27, 2009

The Story Tree at Honeybee

You may wonder where we've been over the last few weeks....well I've been off adventuring in the *interesting* virtual world of "Twitter". Now if you've dipped your toe into this strange new world you will know that not only does it make no sense at all when you first enter it, but that once you do get your bearings, it is totally addictive. Consequently, as I certainly do not wish to spend too much of my life in virtual reality, I am going to have to allocate myself just a certain small time each day there. For parents interested in Steiner/Waldorf education, you will find that I have started a "twibe" (which in Twitter world is a group of like-minded people that connect up from around the world) - feel free to join if you are interested:

I also discovered that there would be great value in sharing with my blog with my twitter friends, but not wanting to expose my children to that wide, strange world (I have 1,200 followers and growing) I decided to start a new blog that would be far less personal, and more devoted to providing parents with information on creative and imaginative play, reviews of our very favourite games, books and music, and articles on green and conscious parenting.

This does not mean that Making Honey is going anywhere, far from it. I am really loving keeping an online journal about the life of my family - as I have never found time over the last few years to organise our photo albums, and I am enjoying writing again. If anything it means I can keep family and business a bit more separate, and that feels good. Of course I will still chat about books we are reading, games we are playing and things we are making.

So, if you are interested in making a little visit over to my new blog feel welcome - it's called The Story Tree at Honeybee (you'll find out why over there)....

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