Saturday, April 04, 2009

Indian feast

Unfortunately you can't blog smells, or I could have shared with you the wonderful aroma of the Lamb Biryani the girls and I cooked for the Class 5 Indian dinner on Thursday. This is a lovely mild Indian dish layered with rice and baked in the oven. The lamb is marinated with limes, saffron (yes we were indulgent), cardamon, cloves, garam marsala, mint and garlic. It is delicious. (Re Recipe: I find you always need to add more liquid than the recipe suggests, I added double the amount of yogurt and didn't use the mace.)

We had a lovely night, mingling in the vibrant sea of silk sari's and bobbing heads of turbans, and getting to know some of the other parents.

We ended the night on a high with a traditional performance from a lovely, graceful and very supple Indian dancer - so beautiful.

The girls looked gorgeous in their sari's, and Erin was really pleased with the way her henna turned out.


  1. What a wonderful school your daughter attends. It looks like they are all having FUN learning!! Imagine!!
    LOVE your glad you found mine.

  2. wow, that looks amazing! We've been eating Indian food all week (mostly from an amazing local restaurant) in honor of my husbands birthday. We're veggies though...I know what you mean about the smell. Heavenly!! The girls look lovely.

  3. Sounds like a beautiful night! Erin looks so much like you!!

  4. What a wonderful time. I love the henna's and sari's. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment so I can stop by here and discover your wonderful place:-) And I think every movie you love I do too--how funny!


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