Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Gabrielle Talks 2009

For those in Melbourne interested in Rudolf Steiner's philosophy from a parenting perspective, the Gabrielle talks are on again this year.

"Every birth is a gift to us of an innocent, beautiful soul.
How can one embrace the young child of today? What effect does the rushing in our lives, the noise in our environment, the pressure of achievement and the impact of the media have upon our children?
All children need peace in which to grow and love to help them flourish. Imagination is food for their little souls; and a safe environment, free from the pressures of modern life will help to sustain them for their whole lives.
Their physical bodies and sense perceptions need a nourishment that does not over stimulate their nerves, and they need good rest, time in which to experience the world and wonder at it.
The Gabriel Talks will address these issues and develop them further, providing a basis upon which to develop an understanding of the growing child in the 21st century."

For a calendar of events and more information you can contact the Gabrielle Centre here.

For new mother's who are interested in understanding their baby and child from the perspective of the threefold human being: body, soul and spirit, I also highly recommend this book: The Incarnating Child. Written by the late Joan Salter, the founder of the Gabrielle Centre and well known for her work in maternal and child health care, this is a rich and nourishing book for anyone intersted in seeking the deeper meaning behind birth and child development, while being highly practical. I discovered this book 11 years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter and have drawn on it ever since in my work with children.

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