Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm loving this...

I think I would have liked to have been a beekeeper in a past life. This gorgeous postcard comes from Marie over at Vintage Postcards - she has collected some very yummy things over there.


  1. This girl I thought about dating when I was 15 had a part-time job as a beekeeper. Must take a lot of courage to go out there without getting stung. haha

    That looks like an old postcard. Maybe he was the official beekeeper for Grover Cleveland or something.

  2. Wow! I love bees! And I hope to some day have my own hive -- what a great pic and blog. Really nice. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog - 100 Miles.

  3. It is strange to work with bees in such clothing! Still, this card shows how they looked those days:)(or at least some of them)

  4. Hey Melissa, My friend Marti has just started making beautiful wooden beehives based on a traditional Africa design where the bees are allowed to form their honeycomb in the way they want, and you just go and gather enough honey for you (perfect for a domestic hive), and let the bees keep some, so they are very happy. It is designed so that you can also prevent light getting into their hive and sending them in a panic. They will be for sale soon, so stay in touch if you want to know more!


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