Friday, March 06, 2009

Easter is coming...

We had so much fun in the shop over the last few days getting ready for Easter and redecorating our window. Lots of lovely treasures (that make a nice change from an overload of chocolate) - the painted wooden eggs look stunning hanging on a bare branch I think, and I do love the Ostheimer hen house - I've seen a few copies of these around lately, so do be careful and ask for the box or a label when purchasing. Walter and Adeline Ostheimer began the forerunner to today’s Ostheimer Wooden Toys company in 1939. Their toys are based on the theories of Waldorf (Steiner) Pedagogy. Each animal is handcarved and painted with tranparent non-toxic paints. The smaller fake animals I have seen are factory made in China - such a pity - and you can not be sure of their toxicity, timber and labour sources. Help support handmade goods and make sure you buy an original.

The little brown doll is by designer Evi - these are ethically made by women in Brazil using natural cotton and pure wool stuffing.

Can't wait to get started on some Easter craft now - I think the girls will be ready for some of the more complex egg decorating ideas from Easter Craft this year, and maybe we'll sew the little egg cosies too - this book has so many lovely ideas we find something new to do every year.


  1. That's a lovely window display - I think I might have to buy a copy of the Easter craft book. I borrowed it from the library 6 months ago and it had some gorgeous ideas in it.

  2. This is Easter heaven! My boys decided that they didn't want to dye or hide hard boiled eggs.. they want to decorate bananas! The Easter monkey will be coming this year!

    and... of course you can use anything that's buzzzing around on my blog. I would be honored:)


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