Friday, March 27, 2009

Behind the green door...

Remember that lovely green door a few posts ago? Well, this is what I see when I step through it each day with my eldest. Her class is studying the ancient people's this year, starting with India. Each morning we are greeted by the heady scent of incense and fresh flowers. Little bits of paper are also turning up all over the house - an experiment with Mandala's. AND in a couple of weeks we are having an Indian feast at the school - better dig my dahl recipe out. Anyone out there got a good curry recipe? Apparently we all have to wear Indian attire - so could mean a trip to Savers! The mandala maker, however, has been learning to wrap a sari from the most gorgeous material her Dad picked for her. Can't wait to see her wearing it.


  1. Wow that is beautiful and an amazing thing for kids to learn about!

  2. AND! your blog is wonderful (full of such fun)and I look forward to sharing the photos of our "dress up" with you and everyone.

    me being a young! (smiles) nanni of almost 10 darlings your blog is just what a nanni likes to see.



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