Friday, February 06, 2009

Snow White and Rose Red

Santa bought Tara this beautiful book for Christmas which we are just reading today. I think it must have reminded Santa of someone he knew. Devoted sisters and forever friends, Snow White and Rose Red are as lovely and sweet as the delicate flowers that inspired their names. Reminds me of two other devoted sisters and friends that I know - Tara Lily and Erin Rose perhaps!!! Well, they do fight sometimes, but you can fight best with those you love - because they love you no matter what!

People sometimes comment that they worry that fairytales are far too violent for children. I think this is a real shame as fairytales are really a rich portrayal of the inner life of the human being - when a child listens to a fairytale the darker characters become ways to work out the darker aspects of their own life - their fears, their feelings or difficulties that they have no control over. Fairytales can be incredibly healing. Some very good articles are available on this blog:

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