Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sincere thanks

A sincere thank you to all our customers who have donated already. xxx And thank you to our suppliers who have also been incredibly generous in supplying goodies: Russ Australia (for all the little cuddly kittens); Voila toys, Footprint books, Mercurius Art Makes Sense, and Secret Gully Puppets. We have already had our first families in store today collecting their bags - they thank everyone from the bottom of their hearts.

Over the next week we will be delivering personally to the children at Strathewan Primary School and children at Kinglake, so be assured your contributions will go straight into the hands of one of the children or babies to help brighten their day a little.

We haven't been able to secure a donation of cloth bags as yet - sadly the last of our eco silk bags have been used up - so if you are handy with a cotton and thread - libary type bags for the children to keep their treasures in would be very much appreciated.

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