Thursday, February 19, 2009

Open hearts

This week has been quite emotional as like many people around Victoria we hear of more and more personal stories from the bushfires. Sarah at our Monty store has worked incredibly hard to get all our bags finished and her partner Andy kindly did the delivery runs - we've sent 60 bags out so far. We know we are only a little cog in a big picture of thousands who are helping - but our hands need to reach out in some small way. More big thank-you's to the following people who have given: Bronwyn who whipped up a big bundle of bags for us in an afternoon; Mercurius for big boxes of art supplies; Just Toys for a big box of traditional wooden toys; and the many, many customers who have given so generously.
20 bags and bottles arrive from SIGG (thank you Mal) for the children at Middle Kinglake PS who lost their whole school.

Handmade dolly's and beautiful books arrive in store - much gratitude to our Briar Hill and Montmorency community, Footprint books and the Melbourne Rudolf Steiner School!

This family in particular really touched my heart this week. Two little girls from NSW, 6 and 8 who went through their own toys, that were obviously very much treasured, and chose to share them with other children in need - thank you so much for your beautiful parcel and pictures. I would like to share with you that they are going to a family of 6 who lost their home near Kinglake. I know the four year old girl and a six year old boy, will treasure them dearly. Lots of love and blessings to you for your thoughtfulness.
The way in which Australian's have responded to crisis is truly inspiring. I heard of a woman in Queensland whose home was damaged in the floods who was going to donate her insurance money to the Red Cross; there are so many stories like this one - and of course stories of incredible courage too. As armfuls of toys came into our store, and all the charity warehouses around Melbourne overflowed, it seemed to me that as a people we have all been called to examine what the really important things in life are, and to be able to give up that which is only transitory. I am sure we will look back in time to come and remember that our nation changed deeply because of Black Saturday - and that through enormous sorrow we were able to lift each other up and find that love really is present in our world.

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