Friday, January 23, 2009

50 Things about Me!

1. I got this idea from another blogger and it seemed like fun!
2. I started Honeybee Toys when my youngest daughter was four years old because I hated all the plastic landfill out there.
3. My clearest memories are of childhood. Children live in a magical, imaginative world - we should cherish it.
4. I drink alot of tea.
5. I am NOT crafty. But I appreciate and love the work of all the crafty mum's out there.
6. I enjoy painting mandala's when I have time.
7. I live in a mudbrick home and love it!
8. I love gardening and French provincial plants mixed with Australian natives.
9. I have two mums - one I grew up with, one that gave birth to me - they are both inspiring women.
10. I have a dog, two cats, a rooster, four hens and several goldfish - the children promised they would feed them all, but I still have to remind them EVERY day!
11. I have a spiritual view of life - I embrace all.
12. My husband makes me laugh, and laugh's at me a lot!
13. He keeps me grounded.
14. I have a soft spot for Bono and U2.
15. When I was 7 I had a pet blue-tongue lizard, it lived under a prickle bush at Venus Bay.
16. I have a possum living on top of my clothes dryer and it eats the cat food.
17. My two daughter's go to a Steiner school and thrive.
18. I am surrounded by an incredible and supportive group of friends.
19. I don't like ice-cream that much.
20. I'm a published author - Growing into Gardening with your children.
21. Before becoming a mum I worked in publishing as a Managing Editor.
22. I once met a man called Mario Schoenmaker who changed my life, forever.
23. I cry at movies all the time.
24. I am inspired by people that make a difference in the world.
25. Swimming in the ocean is the best.
26. I love bushwalking and don't do enough of it.
27. I always stop to look at the stars on a clear night.
28. My favourite books are the ones I read as a child: The Secret Garden, Little Women, The Diary of Anne Frank, Heidi.
29. I really get into reading to my children.
30. Everynight since my girls were born I have sung to them or said a prayer. It is our favourite time of day.
31. I have always wanted to bake bread.
32. I love living in Melbourne and the changing seasons.
33. In our house, birthdays are a 3 day festival.
34. I didn't discover doula's and birth assistants until I had already had my babies - what a difference that would have made.
35. Red wine is definitely better when shared.
36. I KNOW life goes on after death.
37. Everynight I light a candle and connect with that which is greater than me, and yet within me.
38. I am one of those people who likes the Sound of Music.
39. I have a special Dad who taught me how to put a worm on a hook, build a kite, grow a cabbage, skin a rabbit, drink froth on beer, paint a fence, camp under the stars and see the world.
40. I believe that the world is our mirror - what you see reflects who you are.
41. I don't get enough exercise.
42. I would do almost anything for a foot massage.
43. I read Nelson Mandela's Long Walk to Freedom - that was inspirational.
44. I love the smell of Christmas.
45. I think there should be more creative architecture in this world, and less destruction of our incredible natural world.
46. I like fancy dress parties.
47. I believe in reincarnation.
48. I don't care if my kids get muddy, as long as they're having fun.
49. I believe in freedom for every human being on this planet.
50. Some of the saddest and hardest times of my life have turned out to have taught me the most...there's always a light shining in the darkness, sometimes we just need to wait until it shows itself.

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