Thursday, June 11, 2009

The joy of turning 11

My eldest daughter turned 11 a couple of weeks ago. I really don't know how the years fly by so quickly, but they do...always a reminder to me to enjoy every day, every moment.

Regular readers will know that this year my daughter moved to a new school, and being quite shy, it takes her some time to make friends - she's very thoughtful and considered they way she goes about it, and that takes time. I thought it might help if her classmates could come to her home, to get more of a picture of who she is, and to get to know her a little better. Besides, we love parties at home - I think out of "19" combined birthdays, we have so far only had one away from home, and that was for my youngest last year who celebrated at her 8th at one of her favourite past-times "rollerskating".

The birthday girl came up with her own "theme" for her party, browsing through her Great Big Glorious Book for Girls she came across the idea for an "Orange" party.

Orange Birthday Party (from The Great Big Glorious Book for Girls)
*Invitations: orange, of course, and orange shaped
*Dress code: anything, as long as it's orange
*Food and drink: oragnes, orange cheese, orange peppers and carrots; orange juice, orange jelly and anything else you can think of that's orange.
*Birthday cake: orange-shaped and flavoured, with orange icing!

We added pumpkin soup, melon and marshmallow skewers, and capsicum dip with carrot sticks.

And of course the orange birthday cake.

Party games included "Find the Orange" a variation on a treasure hunt; each orange had a number painted on it, and at the end the numbers each person had found were added up - the closest to the birthday girls age was the winner!!! There was also "Pass the Orange" which got lots of giggles from the girls as they had to pass the orange from foot to foot without dropping it.

It was a really beautiful day, all of the girls really enjoyed themselves, played beautifully together, and were very caring towards the birthday girl. A few were even heard to say "this is the coolest party ever". It makes my heart sing to know that a group of 11 year old girls can still have a really good time together in such a simple way.

And the wonderful thing is that my daughter gained her confidence that day, and her friendships have continued to blossom beautifully....

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  1. Happy Birthday to your 11 year old! I love the idea of the "Orange Party". I am sure your daughter will look back on this birthday with many fond memories.


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